Test & Feedback : Armada Modern Tank

Hello, welcome to my review and opinion on Armada Modern Tank, a Facebook game I downloaded by boredom. It’s a good computer game, it’s handy, tanks are expensive I find.

Bright side

  • Handy
  • Free
  • Choice of tanks

Negative point

  • The servers are “HUGE”.

Presentation of the Game

Take a seat in a tank and plunge into a world of furious tank battles. Invite your acquaintances and play together absolutely free of charge! Defend the honour of your country and fight for your country! Take on challengers from the United States, China, Russia, the rising sun, Germany and many more.

Exciting game modes choose your duel mode! From childish skirmishes in free mode to coordinated throats in three-player skirmishes?

Communicate with the help of players from many countries in general and clan chats! Armada :

Modern Tanks is a duel cart game with excellent control physics, excellent graphics, sound special effects and real gameplay features.

This pc-based simulator on military tanks is part of the type – tugboat, military and tanker simulator. What to do in the game and how to play these console games – the first thing to do is to visit the official game site (at the bottom of the page) and download the armada, then just in its silo choose your first machine gun, a machine gun because it is not easy to call it an armoured vehicle – since its statistics and size are too small not to fight.

Next, you must choose all the upgrades for the machine gun – if possible, it is desirable to paint, choose the camouflage on your betaer – which will greatly increase the dueling capacity of your machine gun.

At the start of the game, you will be helped by a girl, to lead the training in the game, give explorations and explain that yes in what way. I don’t think there will be any problems with the beginning and the development, since this military game on pc’s on tanks is easy to learn, most is to be able to take advantage of enough gold coins for hardware upgrades. The most giant money opportunity in the game is the daily exploration game – whose trophy promises a lot of money, the expansion of the game.


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