Soon the new Wonder Woman 1984 for this summer…

Synopsis : Continuation of the adventures of Diana Prince, alias Wonder Woman, Amazon become a superhero in our world. After the First World War, let’s go to the 80’s! This time, Wonder Woman faces two new and particularly formidable enemies…


Let’s go to the 80’s, for the continuation of the adventures of wonder woman. The first trailer tells us a bit more about what awaits the amazon. The fashion is definitely nostalgic among superheroes, after the second world war, it is in 1984 that we will wear the feature film.

The first trailer, in addition to bringing us a glimpse of the film’s universe, announces the return of a key character in the saga. Superheroes are still very popular in movies! And it’s not Wonder Woman that will tell us the opposite, since the heroine of dc comics returns to the big screen in Wonder Woman 1984 on August 14, 2020. A film directed, as for the first part, by Patty Jenkins, and which leads us in the 80’s to Wonder Woman 1984, propelled by the Cold War after her expedition in the first war.

The success of the first opus is phenomenal, with its 821 multiple dollars collected in the world for a budget 5, 5 times lower. High expectations weigh on this second part, which has kept its director and will offer a more mature diana prince amazon, according to its actress ue means 1984 of the name wonder woman 1984? In a podcast on the deadline site, director Patty Jenkins talked about the sequel to Wonder Woman. Entitled wonder woman 1984, this new episode will only be released in the summer of 2020 and has not yet revealed too much information about her.

While the first part took place during the First World War, the sequel will take place in 1984 as its title indicates.


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