Latest news about the video game Lol (League Of Legend)

The game was first mentioned on October 7, 2008 and entered the beta phase on April 10, 2009 before finally being released to the general public on October 27, 20092. In the league of legends, the player controls a champion with unique skills whose ability increases throughout history fighting against a team of players instantly most of the time.

The objective of a game is, in almost all game modes, to destroy the enemy “nexus”, a building located in the heart of the enemy base protected by turrets and inhibitors

The game has many similarities with defense of the ancients in that most of the early developers of the league of legends were the creators of dota. Last update a minute ago: league of legends is a fast and competitive web game that combines the speed and intensity of rts with rpg elements.

LoR: Cards we’d like to see as League of Legends Champions

Two teams of powerful champions, each with their own unique style and style of play, compete against each other on different battlefields and game modes.


If maps for the next expansion of legend of runeterra are announced, with the next champions to join your decks being quinn, swain, vi, maokai and sejuani, a reddit post has noted a funny fact: the logos of the different factions are to be found in the legend of runeterra expansion.

One of the most telling is that of the pitlover-zaun twin cities on the n component of runeterra, with its nut in sight. If legend of runeterra seems to occur before the certainties of the league of legends, riot games likes to hide here and there allusions to both games. Especially with the many trailers, presenting the different factions that it is possible to play.

This gives several relief to the universes, including small colorful characters that we would like to see happen on the fault of the invocator.


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